If you have been in our office lately you may have seen most of us wearing a black t-shirt with 365 on it.  What does this mean? How many days in the year you should be wearing sunscreen that’s what! Sunscreen is not something you just wear at the ballpark, beach, lake or pool sunscreen needs to be worn every day.  You can even get sun damage on a cloudy day so yes you need to wear sunscreen even on cloudy days.  If you add this as a step into your daily routine, like applying sunscreen after you put on your body lotion and applying sunscreen after you moisturize your face before putting on your makeup, it will become a habit, something you do without even thinking about it. Start this daily routine with your children, put sunscreen by their toothbrush and they can apply it after brushing right before walking out the door.  You can even send sunscreen to school with them to reapply before going outside, no need to send a note and leave it with the nurse because Alabama is one of the first states to pass a law that allows sunscreen at schools!  Yay! Keep sunscreen in your purse, bag or at your desk at work, to reapply every 2 hours. Again after doing these steps daily it will become a habit, a lifesaving habit.

There are many benefits to wearing your sunscreen daily, prevention and protection are the most important.  I don’t know anyone who likes wrinkled, leathery looking skin with brown spots on it.  It’s a lot easier to prevent and protect than it is to correct, and less expensive! No you are not too far gone to start this habit now the sun will damage our skin forever.  We are always exposed to the UV rays from the sun and that is what damages our skin and can cause skin cancers, the most common form of cancer.  There are 3 types of UV rays—UVA, UVB and UVC. UVA rays are the longest rays and can penetrate deep into the skin, into the hypodermis, releasing free radicals and changing DNA cells that can result in skin cancer. UVB rays get into the epidermis, this is what can cause surface tanning, burning (this can also lead to skin cancer getting burned 5 times increases your risk greatly) and signs of aging.  UVC rays are the shortest waves but they usually don’t penetrate the earth’s ozone.  Ok so 2 out of 3 UV rays are dangerous, does that help you see why you need to wear sunscreen daily and don’t forget the kiddos, we want to keep them safe! A broad spectrum sunscreen, meaning it protects you from the UVA & UVB rays, of SPF 30 or higher is BEST and don’t forget to reapply! On those days when you will be out in the sun for hours, like at the ballpark, beach, lake or pool be sure to wear a broad rimmed hat and seek shade to help protect yourself even more. We have a variety of sunscreens in The Skin Bar and a very knowledgeable staff that can help you find the right the sunscreen for you and your family.

Today you are all going to start wearing a broad spectrum sunscreen from head to toe and reapply from head to toe.  You are also going to make sure your kids are applying and sending sunscreen to school so they can reapply. This is a lifesaving habit that needs to start NOW!


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