Hydrators & Moisturizers

Hydrators and moisturizers are needed in your skin care routine regardless of skin type, complexion or condition.  Even acne prone and oily skin need to use a moisturizer because if you don’t your skin will get too dry which in turn will cause your oil glands to overproduce oil making everything worse. Most people think that they are hydrating their skin with just the use of a moisturizer but that is not the case, moisturizers just fill in the cracks in your skin that were formed as a result of dryness.  So basically you end up using more product but don’t get the desired results, spending way too much money to be unhappy.  Using a hydrator and moisturizer together will nourish the skin, treating dehydration and dryness simultaneously giving you a healthy glow, as well as help prevent loss of elasticity.  They are extremely beneficial in order to have healthy skin and with regular use skin balance is restored.

When we say hydrators we are specifically talking about products that have hyaluronic acid, which is naturally present in our bodies and is known for its unique ability to retain moisture in the skin.  Hydrators work by attracting water to the skin’s surface to keep the skin hydrated and to help prevent water loss.  Dehydrated skin shows all the lines, so keeping the skin hydrated will soften the skin’s surface leaving your skin plump and smooth.  Moisturizers are emollient ingredients like lipids and ceramides, protective oils in the skin’s layers that contribute to the protective barrier of the epidermis. This barrier protects the surface of the skin from the elements that cause aging, dehydration, dryness, irritation and sensitivities.  Moisturizers are specifically designed to make the external layers of the skin softer by filling gaps between the cells and preventing water loss. In a nutshell hydrators bring water to the surface of the skin and moisturizers lock moisture and water in.

Your daily skin care routine am/pm should go as follows





Sunscreen (am only)


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